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Age (As of September 1st)






Weight Limit  = Tackle to Tackle Unlimited

Flag Football

90 lbs

105 lbs

120 lbs

145 lbs

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The mercy rule starts at a 24+ point differential.  At this point, there is no blitzing by either team and linebackers must be at least 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Team up by 24+ points can not pass or run outside.



Any player weighing more then the base weight for their age group will be designated a Striper. A stripe must be added to the player's helmet. (Green Stripe unless changed by the board)


Striper player can only play C, G, or T on offense. Striper can not line up at skill position on offense including TE. Player can be an unbalanced OT as long as the player is covered by a TE or WR. 


Striper player can play NG or T on defense. Striper player must line up in a 3-point stance. Striper player can not line up no farther than head up on the OT. Striper can not line up on outside shade of OT or at DE. Defensive striper must engage offensive lineman and can not fall back to LB position

Stripers may not advance the ball, if a striper gets possession of the ball the play is blown dead.



Each team is allowed only 2 on-sides kicks per game. The game cannot start with an on-sides kick and the second half can not start with an on-side kick.


No on-sides kick is allowed by a team that is up by 24+ points.

A kick-off that drives the ball into the ground such that the ball pops into the air is illegal.

There will be no punt returns or punt recovery advancements, all punts are treated as a "Fair Catch".

If a punt catch is muffed, the kicking team can recover, but not advance the ball.

Stripers may play on the first line of the receiving team and can not advance the ball. 

Stripers can be the kicker, but can not be a punter. Stripers can not play on the kickoff team unless their team is low on players. 

On Punt and extra point kicks — Center has protection - The center is not allowed to be hit on extra points at any time, during, or after the snap. No one is allowed to be lined up on the center or in the A gaps on Punt or Extra Point.

On Extra point - DT must be head up on the Guards on the snap and then can angle into the A gaps. On a punt if the center snaps the ball and then attempts to move down field he can be blocked.

On Punts and extra points, there is no “shooting” or blitzing of the A gaps of any kind - this includes Linebackers running into the A gaps on the snap of the ball. Linebackers can never enter the A gaps at anytime on Extra point or Punts. 

Northern Huddle


You will need this excel spreadsheet

for weigh-ins and for organizing your team for league play.

This is to be signed and submitted by all carded coaches.

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